Day & Night Box


Start your day and off right with our full spectrum Daily Oil Drops and when it’s time to wind down reach for our Everyday Softgels for Sleep. Reach for the oil during the day to help you find balance, promote focus and calm and for the capsules as a nightcap for some rest and relaxation before a good night of sleep.

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Who It's For

This bundle is a great option for those who want a comprehensive approach to their wellness. The combination of oil and capsules combines fast acting daytime relief with the benefits of a slow release nighttime formulation. The day and night bundle includes 450mg CBD Daily oil and 25mg Everday Softgels for Sleep.

  • Take both oil and capsule with food for maximum effectiveness
  • Drop oil directly under tongue, hold for 30 to 60 seconds and then swallow
  • Use oil orally, topically, cooked or baked with, added into smoothies, coffees or your favorite drink
  • Take softgel one hour before bed to promote relaxation.
Dosage Guidance
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Everyone’s approach to CBD consumption is individual. Ideal dosages are influenced by a few different factors. To learn more, visit our dosing guide.